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My name is Michelle and I loved the outdoors on a skateboard or inline skates. I’ve since had intermediate training on the ice and I just love the freedom that a gentle push of the legs can bring. Whilst I wished I had pushed myself earlier in life with ice skating, I am working with key students of the sport to bring it to you.

Skate Perfect is my baby and I aim to bring you news on what the average ice skater might want to learn. My articles won’t be going into too much pro detail.  Ice skating is for everyone, Girls, Boys, Kids, Teens, the whole family, so you will find this website perfect for you.  

I’m very happy to work with anyone who would like to submit their own experience and I will credit you back to your own social media platform. If you feel I’m incorrect in anything I write about please let me know, I wish this site to be an authority on the subject matter whilst being an educational and enjoyable read.